Tawi 300 Inliner

The TAWI 300 Inliner is the first square balewrapper, who makes it possible to wrap all sizes large square bales in combination with a big baler. The strenght of the system is the transfertable in between the baler and the wrapper. This table moves the bale from the baler to the wrapper in any position of the wrapper to the baler.

This transfertable is contructed to stay always inline with the balechamber of the baler. In this way the baler can continue baling baling in any curves. When the bale is finished the transittable will bring the bale onto the wrapping table of the wrapper and comes back in its home position behind the baler. The wrapper has an adjustable wrapping speed, so it can wrap a bale very fast.

This revolutonairy wrapping system is equiped with a powerpack. This powerpack consist of a diesel engine and hydraulic pump with an oilflow of 100 ltr./min. This in combination with an oilcooler ensures a reliable wrapping system with a constant oiltemperature, This makes it possible together with the stable construction of the wrapper to reach a very high capacity to cope with the baler. Also this sytem simplifies connecting the wrapper to the baler.

The capacity of the TAWI 300 Inliner is at least 80 bales per hour and wrapper can be easily combined with any make of baler with balesize from 80x90 up to 120x90.



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