Tawi-Twin Revolution

The TAWI-TWIN Revolution is a completely new revolutionary development. The first combination of a square baler with two wrappers as one machine. Innovative on this machine are two vertical wrappers with a special loading and unloading table, who is clamping the bale, so it can rotate and be wrapped on all sides.

This very innovative double wrapping system is build on a Massey-Ferguson 1839 baler. This baler is very suitable because of its ‘centre-line’ Construction and the position of the press channel in the middle of the baler. Also the machine therefore stands in working position.

Unique on this machine is also the way of loading the bale. This makes the whole combination only 1.50mtr. longer than original and makes it therefore still very manouvrable, especially on small fields. The capacity of the TAWI-TWIN Revolution is ±150 bales per hour. Baling without wrapping is also possible in hay or straw.


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