Agronic MidiFix

The AGRONIC MidiFix is ​​the latest development in midi baler-wrapper combinations. This state-of-the-art machine has been developed according to the latest standards imposed by users on machines. This has resulted in a small, compact round baler press wrapping combination with a high capacity for grass silage, hay and straw. Because of its size, compactness and weight, the machine is ideal for smaller meadows, hilly areas and places with little load capacity. The machine requires little power and is therefore extremely suitable for small tractors, starting at 60 hp.

The AGRONIC MidiFix is ​​equipped with a balechamber with 15 rollers. The sizes of the bales are 85 cm (width) x 90 cm (diameter). The volume of a bale with these dimensions is 540 liters. Because of the size and weight, this type of bales are ideal for horse farming and the smaller or hobby farmer who has a too low feed efficiency for normal round or square bales.

The AGRONIC MidiFix is ​​equipped with the following specifications:

- 1.70 wide pick-up with crop roller

- Cutting system with rotor and 7 knives

- Dropfloor

- Unique bale transfer system, minimal downtime

- Modern operator system including cameras & work lights on the machine.


All these features make the work with the machine very simple and enjoyable.

By using a new patented bale transfer system between bale chamber and wrapper, the capacity of the machine is very high and on average 60-75 bales are wrapped per hour.

The machine is equipped with a double arm wrapper with 500 mm stretch film. The wrapping process is also monitored by an automatic film break detection system.

Do you expect performance and reliability of your machines? The AGRONIC MidiFix offers you the right alternative! A machine for the demanding user with high expectations and low operating costs!


Download the folder or watch the video for more information!




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